Killer Gourmet Burgers KGB

Me and my course mates went to have burgers yesterday. 

I had a vegan burger called Vegan Bella Bomb which consists of 2x Portobello mushrooms and some veges. I chose Cajun fries which comes in a set. I love the sweet potato fries too. 

Killer Gourmet Burgers
Vegan Bella Bomb and Cajun Fries


Hungry and Starving

Kimchi Jiggae aka Kimchi soup.

I’m so hungry right now!!! Skip dinner again because I don’t know what should I eat. Since moving into college I always skip meal 😦 I’m so regret not order delivery in the evening. 

I’m craving for my favourite Korean food right now. I want a bowl of hot kimchi soup 😦 I can hear my stomach growling. Ok let’s stop thinking about food now! The more I think the hungrier I’m. Let’s focus on study!! 

Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice 김치볶음밥

Korean food is my all time favorite food. I lived in South Korea for a period of time and at that time I hated Korean food. But now I miss authentic Korean food a lot. Today I went to have my favorite Korean food again. I ordered a Kimchi fried rice 김치볶음밥. Although it didn’t taste authentic at all but overall the taste was acceptable. Btw, I ordered a vegetarian style, they removed the sausages for me :). In Korea there’s no sausages in Kimchi Fried Rice, but sometimes they will have ham in it. Oh and one of the side dishes the restaurant served  (banchan- 반찬), which is the bean paste soup, tastes quite good. I like it. 😛

Marmite the yeast extract

Hi. I procrastinate again. I’m just too bored of reading all the journal papers.

I feel hungry but I’m not hungry. WTH did I just say? I’m so sorry I don’t even know if I’m hungry, or not. So I can’t decide to eat or not to eat. Anyone knows what is Marmite? It’s yeast extract which taste super delicious with porridge!! :p I can eat it everyday without getting bored. It’s 100% vegetarian and it contains Vitamin B which I think it’s really good for health and safe to eat it everyday! 

I love Marmite yeast extract since small and I always have it mixed with my porridge. And one day, my classmate told me that her friend’s mum made her friend Marmite soup and we both laughed so hard because Marmite soup sounds.. Err a bit weird?  But I secretly planned to try it out. You know what, I did it and it tastes superb. Trust me, you gotta try it if you love Marmite the yeast extract too. And then I also found out that the yeast extract can be eaten as spread on sandwiches or on bread. Of course as a Marmite lover I tried it and it tasted really good too, just don’t put too much or else it will be too salty, remember that ok?! 

Yesterday my sister just got me bigger size one (470g) and I’m super duper happy, yeah I love Marmite 🙂 

Ps: This is not an advertisement post, it’s just a sharing post of one of my favorite foods.