I’m a Korean Food Lover 

I don’t know I like Korean food so much that I can eat Korean food the whole week.



Hungry and Starving

Kimchi Jiggae aka Kimchi soup.

I’m so hungry right now!!! Skip dinner again because I don’t know what should I eat. Since moving into college I always skip meal 😦 I’m so regret not order delivery in the evening. 

I’m craving for my favourite Korean food right now. I want a bowl of hot kimchi soup 😦 I can hear my stomach growling. Ok let’s stop thinking about food now! The more I think the hungrier I’m. Let’s focus on study!! 

Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice 김치볶음밥

Korean food is my all time favorite food. I lived in South Korea for a period of time and at that time I hated Korean food. But now I miss authentic Korean food a lot. Today I went to have my favorite Korean food again. I ordered a Kimchi fried rice 김치볶음밥. Although it didn’t taste authentic at all but overall the taste was acceptable. Btw, I ordered a vegetarian style, they removed the sausages for me :). In Korea there’s no sausages in Kimchi Fried Rice, but sometimes they will have ham in it. Oh and one of the side dishes the restaurant served  (banchan- 반찬), which is the bean paste soup, tastes quite good. I like it. 😛

A depressing day

It’s been a depressing day to me today. I was supposed to go hiking with my course mates today but I didn’t go because I had headache (migraine) and a lil bit of fever last night.

What’s making me so depressed is the issue between me and my Japanese housemate. She is moving out but I’m the one who wanted and supposed to move out of this house! Anyway, I will still moving out after she moved out. Pray hard that I could get a place in school dormitory. _/\_

While writing this post I’m super hungry, fungry! I’m missing my favorite Korean food, Bibimbap (it’s vegetable mixed rice if you don’t know already, sometimes there’s meat inside but since I’m a vegetarian, I always order a meatless one).

Bibimbap is easily available in most of the Korean restaurant here but because some vegetables are only available in Korea so it tastes different. While I was studying in Korea, there’s one restaurant I love to visit the most because they have the best Bibimbap I’ve ever had. It’s located near to my school (CNU), reachable in walking distance from the backdoor near Faculty of Business in CNU. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant but I’m sure I can find it if I were there right now. A very small family running restaurant with the best Bibimbap!

2012-12-15 19.38.01
The Bibimbap I like the most in Korea. I called it Ahjumma Bibimbap 🙂

If I’m going back to South Korea next time, I will try to squeeze some times to go back to Gwangju, pay a visit to my friends, and to have this bibimbap too. ^^