I’m a Korean Food Lover 

I don’t know I like Korean food so much that I can eat Korean food the whole week.



Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice 김치볶음밥

Korean food is my all time favorite food. I lived in South Korea for a period of time and at that time I hated Korean food. But now I miss authentic Korean food a lot. Today I went to have my favorite Korean food again. I ordered a Kimchi fried rice 김치볶음밥. Although it didn’t taste authentic at all but overall the taste was acceptable. Btw, I ordered a vegetarian style, they removed the sausages for me :). In Korea there’s no sausages in Kimchi Fried Rice, but sometimes they will have ham in it. Oh and one of the side dishes the restaurant served  (banchan- 반찬), which is the bean paste soup, tastes quite good. I like it. 😛