I had two ice-cream this week. Both are green tea flavour. 💚 



Matcha Latte

I’m always a matcha lover. Last weekend I went to a noodles restaurant recommended by my friend, she said the restaurant has very nice matcha latte. 

Unfortunately, I went to a wrong branch and they don’t have the one recommended by my friend in their menu. So I ordered this instead. It’s not bad though. Oh and the latte art was a failure, so minus mark! 


Azuki Green Tea Cake

I’ve been craving for cake for the passed few weeks but I was too busy to go for it! Yesterday I finally made it to get myself a slice of cake while having dinner outside. 

If you don’t know already I’m actually a matcha (green tea) lover! And I love the combination of matcha with azuki (red bean) a lot!! So I got myself a slice of Azuki green tea cake and it tastes superb!!!  I wish to have another slice but too bad I was too full for another slice, maybe next time!