Killer Gourmet Burgers KGB

Me and my course mates went to have burgers yesterday. 

I had a vegan burger called Vegan Bella Bomb which consists of 2x Portobello mushrooms and some veges. I chose Cajun fries which comes in a set. I love the sweet potato fries too. 

Killer Gourmet Burgers
Vegan Bella Bomb and Cajun Fries

Azuki Green Tea Cake

I’ve been craving for cake for the passed few weeks but I was too busy to go for it! Yesterday I finally made it to get myself a slice of cake while having dinner outside. 

If you don’t know already I’m actually a matcha (green tea) lover! And I love the combination of matcha with azuki (red bean) a lot!! So I got myself a slice of Azuki green tea cake and it tastes superb!!!  I wish to have another slice but too bad I was too full for another slice, maybe next time! 


oh if you don’t know yet I’m actually a Kpop fan. I try to quit but I think I’m still not fully grown up (what I mean is I think I’m not mentally mature enough) and I’m not ready to give up this part of my life. But I’m actually not so crazy anymore compared to few years ago when I followed every single update of my idol.. I used to know their current location and how many tattoo they have which I don’t even know nor remember now. I just listen to their songs now and if I was still the old me I would say ‘OMG the song is so nice’ even though I don’t really think so but because I want to support them I’d lie to them. But now, nice is nice or the other way round. I would say what I really mean. 
Yea and I think I’m still crazy a lil bit now. Yea I just bought a second hand album from someone I don’t know thru FB. It’s an album came out in 2009 which is no longer selling in the market. The packaging has changed so this album is out of print. People selling it at price triple or sometimes quarduple. And I’m so lucky to buy it at quite a reasonable price.