Just wanna say that I’m so depressed. Why can’t thing ever be smooth?


Good Day

Good day everyone. It’s Saturday but I’m here in my school trying to force myself to study and prepare for the coming test. We have a short break, which is a long weekend as we have 2 days holiday before and after the weekend! 

It’s so hot outside and I’m so grateful that I can stay in the aircond room alone.. Cold and quiet! I must study hard today!  


Le sucre bunny

I’m back!!! I have been extremely busy in the passed few months. Assignments projects and assignment project! 

This post is written to share my happiness! I have always wanted to have a le sucre bunny doll and yesterday my sister bought one for me!!

We went to shop together and I saw a stall selling those super cute bunnies and I said to my sis that I really want one. And surprisingly my sis said ‘ok lets go and choose one.. I will buy for u!’ I was like OMG are u fucking kidding me?! She said she also wanted to buy for me for quite long but just she didn’t see it so she will buy for me now. 

I’m so so so happyyyyyyyy. Everyone please meet my new friend little bunny! I haven’t named him yet.. Any idea of what should I call him? 😁