New Semester

Vegetarian Nasi Lemak

First time ever in my uni life I feel so stressed in the first week of a new semester! Just done presentation for the field trip we went about two weeks ago and then now have to rush to get the report done. 

After presentation I had dinner with a course mate in a vegetarian restaurant. I had “Nasi Lemak”, which is shown in the picture.


I Made It Through 

I’m back! I was away for a week field trip and I MADE IT THROUGH! It was a stressful and tiring trip. So glad to be back to the city but we only have a week time to prepare for presentation and two weeks for report. 😔 

Breathtaking sunset view taken in one of the days of our field trip. 

Leave if you are not passionate

Which path u should take and is it a right path for you?

Is it terribly wrong for doing something you don’t like and you are not passionate about? I was told that you won’t go long for doing something you have no interest in. 

But it’s not always you can do just  whatever you want right? How about your parents? How about their expectations to you? I’ve been struggling between doing what I want and what I have to do for long. But I really have no courage to take the steps to do what I really want which makes me very suffer now. 

‘Do what you are passionate about’ and ‘leave if you are not passionate’, should I just do that ?

I know what I really don’t like but I’m struggling to find my passion too. This is life right? 

Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice 김치볶음밥

Korean food is my all time favorite food. I lived in South Korea for a period of time and at that time I hated Korean food. But now I miss authentic Korean food a lot. Today I went to have my favorite Korean food again. I ordered a Kimchi fried rice 김치볶음밥. Although it didn’t taste authentic at all but overall the taste was acceptable. Btw, I ordered a vegetarian style, they removed the sausages for me :). In Korea there’s no sausages in Kimchi Fried Rice, but sometimes they will have ham in it. Oh and one of the side dishes the restaurant served  (banchan- 반찬), which is the bean paste soup, tastes quite good. I like it. 😛

A quite good day

Hi. I guess it’s a kinda good day today! I went to the dean office and asked if I can do anything to improve the grade of the subject I failed. Then I was told that the grade that I got is conditional pass, which mean I passed the subject as my overall CGPA is passed. But what I actually want is higher CGPA pointer so next semester I won’t have to worry too much for the pointer to get a pass. Anyway, I can’t do anything to change it now so I will just have to work very hard next semester.

And then there’s another purpose I came to campus today, which is to borrow a compass. I’ve been worried because field work is in less than a week time and I still couldn’t borrow a compass. Sent my senior whatsapp messages, she read it but didn’t reply. That’s really.. Hmm.. Sad! Then when I was really down, sitting alone in the museum, someone passed by. He is actually a senior of mine but I didn’t know him. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. I know my chance has come, I need to brave myself to talk to him and ask if he has a compass that I can borrow, lol. He approached me and asked if I’m student here, going for a field trip next week? I said yes! And I need a compass. He has one and he promised to borrow me! Oh God! Really really thanks God! We didn’t know each other but he’s willing to borrow me although he kept telling me the compass is very expensive and very precious to him. I promised I won’t lose it. He told me to go home now as I already got what I want, lol! I feel a bit insecure though because I still haven’t got the compass in hand. He said he will pass it to another senior who is going to go to the field trip with us.

I didn’t go home after that, I went to dormitory office. I was told that there’s available room for me because someone has just moved out!! Oh God, I feel so happy. Because just a moment ago I was still sitting in the corner feeling down and thinking whys  everything can’t go smooth ever. And then everything’s just changed. I was told to go back to the dormitory office on the first day of next semester. I’m happy but still feel insecure a bit because I haven’t got accepted to the dorm officially, but just verbally. Hope there’s no one takes my room! _/\_

Anyway, today is quite a good day for me. I hope good things will keep coming.

the beautiful view I took when I got out of house this morning.
the beautiful view I took when I got out of house this morning.

3 Idiots Gathering

Today is quite a good day 😄 Haven’t had so much fun for the passed few weeks. A friend is leaving town soon for work and another friend is just in town so we had a small gathering. It’s hard to gather us all four, we have three today, one is working abroad. So today three idiots gathered, left one.

Riding on one of the idiots car is so adventurous LOL. We all screamed in the car all the way but it’s fun fun fun!

But the happiest moment was when we sitting down and talked non-stop. I wish we could have more of those time though. T__T

Not knowing when will be the next gathering, but I wish it could be soon.

Breakfast of the day with my two idiots. ^^