Marmite the yeast extract

Hi. I procrastinate again. I’m just too bored of reading all the journal papers.

I feel hungry but I’m not hungry. WTH did I just say? I’m so sorry I don’t even know if I’m hungry, or not. So I can’t decide to eat or not to eat. Anyone knows what is Marmite? It’s yeast extract which taste super delicious with porridge!! :p I can eat it everyday without getting bored. It’s 100% vegetarian and it contains Vitamin B which I think it’s really good for health and safe to eat it everyday! 

I love Marmite yeast extract since small and I always have it mixed with my porridge. And one day, my classmate told me that her friend’s mum made her friend Marmite soup and we both laughed so hard because Marmite soup sounds.. Err a bit weird?  But I secretly planned to try it out. You know what, I did it and it tastes superb. Trust me, you gotta try it if you love Marmite the yeast extract too. And then I also found out that the yeast extract can be eaten as spread on sandwiches or on bread. Of course as a Marmite lover I tried it and it tasted really good too, just don’t put too much or else it will be too salty, remember that ok?! 

Yesterday my sister just got me bigger size one (470g) and I’m super duper happy, yeah I love Marmite 🙂 

Ps: This is not an advertisement post, it’s just a sharing post of one of my favorite foods. 


I can do it

While I was queuing to make order for my Domino’s pizza I got a whatsapp message in our class group saying that RESULTS IS OUT! My heart skipped a beat!

With my trembling hands I tried to log in to our school website to check for the results and because I was too nervous I forgot my username -.-! Logged in sucessfully after I calmed myself down and err my results isn’t good and I even failed a subject, but thanks God I PASS overall. So I actually feel relieved rather than sad because I know I tried my very best. At least I pass right?!

I’ll definitely work harder next semester because I need and I want to graduate on time!

I can do it. Yes, I can.

If you believe in it, then fight for it. 


Oh Hi, again. This is my second post of today. I’m just thinking I need to express my feeling right now. I have no one to talk to, I called but nobody answer my calls. So, yea here I’m writing it out. 

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I’m depressed because I have some issue with my house mate. She is moving out. We actually seldom talk to each other, not more than 5 times I swear. We live in the same house but we rarely see each other because I always stay in my own room whenever I’m home, except when I need to do something in the kitchen like to cook coffee or to toast bread. 

So there’s one day she came and knock my door and she accused me of something I didn’t do! I explained to her that I didn’t do it but she seems not buying it. She said sorry though, not very sincere that type, because I can see that she’s still thinking I did it. Because of this incident and some other personal reasons, I planned to move out. My plan doesn’t go smoothly because I couldn’t find a better place to move to, I’m still working on it though. And today, I found out that she’s moving out!

I’m that kind of person who thinks really very much. People always says ‘overthinking is what kills you’, yea I can say that it’s killing me now. Right now, I’m thinking that my housemate is moving out because of me! But I really don’t know what did I do wrong to cause her to move out because of me. So I’m thinking is it because of the incident? and she thought I’m not honest? again, I swear to God I didn’t do it!! I can’t help but keep thinking again and again about what’s the reason she’s leaving. And then I feel really down. I hate misunderstanding. Or maybe I’m just thinking too much, she’s leaving not because of me.  

And then I saw this quote on Instagram and I’m trying to persuade  myself  to agree with it. Cheers!!! Your life is really too short to stress yourself with people who don’t even deserve to be an issue in your life! 

Update: the Japanese housemate moved out because she lost her job due to retrenchment 😂😂 I really think too much. Sigh

A depressing day

It’s been a depressing day to me today. I was supposed to go hiking with my course mates today but I didn’t go because I had headache (migraine) and a lil bit of fever last night.

What’s making me so depressed is the issue between me and my Japanese housemate. She is moving out but I’m the one who wanted and supposed to move out of this house! Anyway, I will still moving out after she moved out. Pray hard that I could get a place in school dormitory. _/\_

While writing this post I’m super hungry, fungry! I’m missing my favorite Korean food, Bibimbap (it’s vegetable mixed rice if you don’t know already, sometimes there’s meat inside but since I’m a vegetarian, I always order a meatless one).

Bibimbap is easily available in most of the Korean restaurant here but because some vegetables are only available in Korea so it tastes different. While I was studying in Korea, there’s one restaurant I love to visit the most because they have the best Bibimbap I’ve ever had. It’s located near to my school (CNU), reachable in walking distance from the backdoor near Faculty of Business in CNU. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant but I’m sure I can find it if I were there right now. A very small family running restaurant with the best Bibimbap!

2012-12-15 19.38.01
The Bibimbap I like the most in Korea. I called it Ahjumma Bibimbap 🙂

If I’m going back to South Korea next time, I will try to squeeze some times to go back to Gwangju, pay a visit to my friends, and to have this bibimbap too. ^^

The Blue Sam 

Hi.. This is my first post on WordPress. I am having a semester break now so I’m kinda free(literally). I feel like to write something so I created this blog. I’m not sure when will be the next post though, because I’m a typical lazy Libra.

First of all, I would like to explain the name I’m using now which is ‘thebluesam’, it’s actually nothing special but just simply because I like blue color and I’m always blue, and, my last name is Sam.

Even though I’m having a semester break now which I’m supposed to be very free, free from assignment, tests, lectures and so on but apparently I’m not because I need to prepare for my coming field trip and some stuff for next semester too. However, because I procrastinate a lot so I’m literally free and here I’m writing this post, lol!

This is already the 3rd week of my break and I spent the passed two weeks in my room catching up my favorite TV series and some drama I missed out. Of course I hang out with friends sometimes, not so frequent though.

Currently I’m missing Korea a lot, like really really a lot. I feel like to go back to Korea very much but you know, a student like me always have budget problem. I stayed in Korea for a semester few years back and have a lot of good memories there which makes me miss the country very much. So whenever I’m missing the country I will look through all the photos I took throughtout the semester.

Oh Korea, wish I could visit you again in this year. I miss you!

The night view of Seoul city from Namsan Tower.
The night view of Seoul city from Namsan Tower.